Monthly Packages

Custom packages tailored to meet your business needs

Our monthly packages are a great choice for clients who need a little bit of everything. They can be completely customized to fit your budget, and offer an easy way to keep track of your marketing expenses.

The packages below are examples of what most businesses typically need based on their current size and desired level of growth; however, each package is based on a set number of hours, and you get to decide how we use them.

Need a new website? No problem! We can include the cost in your monthly package so it’s paid for over time.


Cover all the basics for your small business
$ 499
Per month (10 hours)
  • Social media management (including 4-6 posts)
  • Light content creation (e.g. 1 blog post or story)
  • On-going website updates
  • Analytics reports
  • Light coaching and consulting


Turn your small business into a big business
$ 1,250
Per month (25 hours)
  • Social media management (including 6-8 posts)
  • Content creation (e.g. 2 blog posts or stories)
  • On-going website updates
  • Custom campaign landing pages
  • SEO optimization
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Setup and optimization of single digital advertising campaign
  • Analytics reports
  • Coaching and consulting


Advanced marketing for advanced businesses
$ 1,999
Per Month (40 hours)
  • Full strategic marketing and public relations plan
  • Detailed audit of existing owned, earned and paid media
  • Social media management (including 8-12 posts)
  • Content creation (e.g. 3-4 blog posts or stories)
  • On-going website updates
  • Custom campaign landing pages and lead generation funnels
  • SEO optimization
  • Multiple email marketing campaigns with list building and automation
  • Setup and optimization of multiple digital advertising campaigns
  • Analytics reports
  • Robust coaching and consulting

Doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You know what you're doing but no one else does.